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Stay-At-Home Mom Looking To Make An Income

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12 thoughts on “Stay-At-Home Mom Looking To Make An Income

  1. Dave, if by chance you happen to read this comment, could you recommend a
    avenue for my wife to seek at home employment? She has about 10 years
    experience as a vice president of a local bank, primarily and personal and
    some commercial lending. She will be looking to stay homeand raise our
    children as soon as they come along, but she wants to start preparing for
    that eventuality now

  2. When I stayed home with my son, I put an ad on Craigslist to clean.
    Although I couldn’t stay home and do that, I could either bring my 4 year
    old or drop him at his grandmas and I’d clean a couple homes at $25 an
    hour, for just a few hours. It beat being strapped to 9-5 receptionist for
    12/13 bucks an hour.

  3. I hate this term of “stay at home mom” it’s so 19-20 century …. get a job
    / freelancing / remote job …

    1. Raising a child is a full-time job and the most important job to have for
      one of the parents to have. At least, it is if you do it right and actually
      care about the child. Once it turns 5-6 and can go to school, then the
      parent who was raising the kid should get the job during school hours.

      Even if you get a job like Dave was talking about where you can raise a kid
      at the same time, you have to make sure you separate work and family life
      and are dedicating enough time to that kid. Sending a kid off to daycare,
      or ignoring them, or leaving the TV as their supervisor because you think
      raising a kid shouldn’t be your main priority when you are financially able
      to have only one breadwinner is a disgusting thing to do.

    2. I agree with you K. So many parents leave the TV to raise their kids
      because they’re either never home (working) or always busy and don’t give
      enough time to the kids. I agree that being a parent is the most important
      job to have. People tend to only remember that when some 19 year old guns
      down his classmates or a 12 year old is sentenced as an adult. Let the
      streets/neighborhood raise the child while you’re off working and you’ll
      get a street kid down the line.

  4. Work online there is so much opportunity. Do copy for other, Create Funnels
    for people, Do simple services, etc, etc

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