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Is ZNZ legit? Here’s my testimony about the work from home job!!

Hi, there! My name is Paige Phillips and I am a recruiter looking for poverty driven individuals that are interested in working for my company online only. I am a hard working mama to 3 beautiful babies who has been able to quit her full time job and work strictly out of the comfort of my home, in my pajamas might I add. Please bare with me as I will try to keep this short and to the point, explaining in full what the job entails. First thing first, I work for a company that advertises and promotes other fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Hulu, GoDaddy.com, and that’s just to name a few of the THOUSANDS we have partnered with. These companies pay ours to get their names out there and refer every day people like you and I to try their products. Every referral is commission based meaning you can make anywhere from $25-$200 a day, depending on how much time and effort you put in just talking to people and telling them all about the benefits that these companies have to offer. Sometimes, people who are really money motivated can make up to $600 a day, but realistically speaking, the average person commissions around $100 a day. There is absolutely NO SALES involved. No cold calling. No spamming of other people and the best part? You don’t have to invest a single dollar into it. We are a legit A+ accredited company by the BBB seeking entry-level marketers. After completing the necessary steps to qualify, you can start working immediately. All referrals are credited to your account immediately and you can be paid for those referrals that SAME DAY. I am looking for SERIOUS candidates only that have time to invest. I offer all of the required training absolutely FREE to my recruits, but not everyone who works within the company does. I provide step by step guides and 24/7 availability to answer any and all questions. My training has been nothing short of absolute success and a few of my recruits have surpassed my income within the company. I hope to hear from you all very soon! Please click my link I have attached and follow the instructions for joining my team. Once you complete step 1 and gain one full credit, go on to step 2 to gain one full credit. Once you have gained 1 full credit from the FREE trial offers on both steps, I will email you with my phone number and the following steps to EARN to your fullest potential. There’s no doubt about it, your life will surely change for the better if you follow my lead. Thank you all for your time, I am SO EXCITED to help you all achieve your dreams with this full proof system and really look forward to seeing all of the great things you can do from working with us!!
(Please click the link, sign up, complete trials to earn 1 full credit. Once you earn your 1 full credit, continue on to step two.)
(Please click the link, sign up again, complete the trials to earn 1 full credit. Once you earn that full credit I will email you shortly after with my personal phone number and step by step instructions on how to start making money immediately.)

**YOU MUST complete steps 1 and 2 in order to qualify for the job and get paid. The company will NOT do pay outs on anyone that does not complete both steps. Once you are ready to start recruiting, you may choose to be paid through paper check or paypal. The new training guides and step-by-step tutorials are only available to those who are new recruits. All current recruits have all of the tools.

32 thoughts on “Is ZNZ legit? Here’s my testimony about the work from home job!!

  1. Hey Paige your video is nice but i have one doubt about znz network. I
    heard that moneypak card is used for doing free trial offers. How long its
    correct? Please reply me soon..Thanks.

  2. You have to fill out a 1099 once you make a certain amount of money 🙂
    They wont pay you unless you send it! Message me if you are interested!

  3. Hey @Paige Phillips, thanks for information and motivation. I just started
    znz a few weeks ago and I’m ready for FINANCIAL FREEDOM away from the SLAVE
    JOB I’m been working!

    1. The social proof is undeniable. People can pick at znz all they want. Its
      not going to change the fact that znz is changing peoples lives and if you
      walk away from znz you are walking away from a gold mind. Point blank

  4. Great video, I’ve been through at least 5 scams now and have set me back.
    I’m a home health aid right now but its not enough. I would really like to
    try this if help is available 24/7. please reply..

  5. yes but trials who charge u more then u are told and doesnt give u a chance
    to cancel. I am trying the znz and getting nowhere i done trials and got no
    credits. HELP!!!

  6. i m getting some reviews from afar hey i must trust and learn what I do to
    make some receipts..

  7. Hey paige i was wondering if you could give me a little help I’ve already
    registered but I’m still aliiitle stuck on how to get started . Thank u

  8. Hi Paige,i am new to ZNZ…and and everywhere i am only seeing videos of
    how to signup and how much you can make,whereas no one is really talking
    about the referrals which is the main game. You need to get people referred
    under you for making money.Now my question is why would anyone want to be
    referred under me.The next question they will be asking me..is Okay ill
    signup but in return what will I get.

    Did you get my question?

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