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Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 4: House Mom

House moms are a vital part of gentlemen's clubs across the world! Strippers and house moms together as a team make everyone's evenings more successful!

Other Jobs in the Strip Part 4: House

9 thoughts on “Other Jobs in the Strip Club Part 4: House Mom

  1. If you have a burning question ask it here! What have your experiences been
    with house moms?

  2. hi! love your work!! i wish you would have been around earlier lol! can you
    please talk about agencies and booking directly with clubs…In Canada, its
    a little hard to find a club that you would have consistant schedule, or
    would work for exclusivley..So many of us willl work at different clubs
    every night… I’m aware of agents and such but i think it would be a
    really great topic!!

  3. What a great topic idea! It sounds like you are very knowledgeable about
    the agency thing. In Canada, you can’t get hired directly by a club? You
    have to go through an agency?

  4. Yes, it’s pretty much the only way to make sure you will get booked. The
    club pays the agency so the services to us are free. Dancing here in Canada
    is very different from America legally, because in most parts, like
    Montreal where I’m from, is a very underground market so to say. All cash
    is cash in pocket and not declared… So to actually get an interview and
    be exclusive to one club over here is almost unheard of

  5. Hi i want to be a house mom at a strip club as well as a bartender. I was
    wondering if you could give some tips on how to get the jobs and what’s the
    best things to say so that i will be the job?? As well as what should I
    wear??? Note: this club is predominantly black so you will know the

  6. Professionalism, honesty, and being well-spoken. Not sure if you can be a
    house mom and a bar tender, but if that is what the club needs then I am
    sure they could make it happen for different shifts! I have spoken with
    many club owners about the house mom situation and someone that doesn’t
    steal from them that is loyal, honest, and that they can depend on are the
    top criteria. Also helping the dancers and being firm but fair so that you
    can be nice but minimize drama and command authority.

  7. the club i work at doesnt have a house mom no wonder its so much catiness
    and girls just be lounging in the dressing room instead of on the floor
    waiting for costumers

  8. Very informative, thank you for helpful hints and tips. Have an opportunity
    for this duty and I am excited and looking forward to it!

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