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Online Jobs For Stay at Home Moms and Dads

– In this video, I will share several options for stay at house mother and fathers,

# 1 – End up being A Virtual Assistant

Time Etc
. Virtual Workplace VA Staffing

# 2 – Become A Freelancer
Upwork (previously known as Odesk).

# 3 – Compose Articles, Blog site Posts, and More – 100+ Websites That Will Pay You To Compose -.

# 4 – Start An Online Shop – Offer Handmade Items.

# 5 – Family pet Sitting.
Rover -.
DogVacay -.

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24 thoughts on “Online Jobs For Stay at Home Moms and Dads

  1. I’m a mom to 2 kids but my daughter is autistic nonverbal so life is hard.i
    trying to find a job at home,but I’m not very smart,I don’t have a ged
    either,I have anxiety so I have hard time talking to people,I love to stuff
    envelopes but that’s a scam.I want to find where I dont have to pay to

    1. Hi! Thanks for gettin in touch. I think you definitely avoid phone jobs
      where you to work a set schedule. Sometimes that can be overwhelming
      especially if you have anxiety issues. I would recommend taking a chat or
      typing job. Some companies you can look into are REV, Virtual Bee,
      Postloop, Transcribe Me, Scribie, and Get Transcribed.

  2. hi I’m jhanize from Philippines. I’m a working mom but I decided to file a
    resignation because of my two kids but the salary of my husband is not
    enough for us. and I think typing job on line is the answer. can u help
    me.. thank u

    1. +mary48504 Hey Mary! Yes they hire people to evaluate ads and search
      engines. This job does require you to be very good at using the computer.
      Starting pay is around $12 -$13 per hour. Is there something specific you
      wanted to know about them?

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